“Waruga” stone graves in Sawangan.

Taman Purbakala Sawangan


144 ancient “Waruga” stone graves (sarchophagi) of Minahasan ancestors, dating from Megalithic age.  The stone graves were built to contain the bodies in the sitting position and it has philosophical value.

The pre-Christian belief was that the human baby is born in this sitting position in the mother’s womb, and it is in this position that he must pass on to eternity.  The engravings on the headstones depict the cause of death, the decease’s hobby, character or occupation, a woman giving birth, hunters, children pulling a man’s ears, fighting cocks, etc.   There is a small museum on the  grounds, but when we arrived the place seem deserted except for a few village children playing “hide and seek” in the grave yard.



The engravings tell a story.


Some of the graves are quite tall.


Today children use the ancient grounds for play.


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